Lauren Rub

“I grew up watching my brothers play all types of sports. From flag football, to soccer, to tackle football, I would be at every single game, I would even give them pep talks while they were on the sideline. By watching them at every game, I gained a passion, and wanted to follow in their footsteps. They taught me how to play different sports, and as I got older, they would even let me play with them which helped me get better as I needed to perform at their level. For as long as I can remember, I start my day by watching ESPN to get a recap of the major sports news that I might have missed the night before. All of this has led me to becoming captain of the volleyball, soccer and flag football teams at Hillel. As a captain, I have learned responsibility because I hold myself accountable for any mistakes performed by myself or any of my teammates. In addition, as a captain, I need to keep my composure as best as I can, even in the most stressful moments of the game, as I have become an example for my teammates. The lessons I have learned from my athletic career at Hillel are invaluable to me, and are ones I will hold dear for the rest of my life. One day I hope to take this passion of mine way beyond Hillel and become a sports broadcaster, just like the ones I watch every morning.”

– Lauren Rub, 11th Grade Student

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