Latin Food in Miami

One of the best aspects of Miami turning Latin is the delicious influence its culture has had on customary American cuisine. Cravings have gone from the typical hamburgers and chicken nuggets to arepas and tequeños. Latin flavor can be detected right away, as the traditional foods have become increasingly popular throughout the United States. Despite their growing popularity, many are unaware of the little effort required to make arepas, tequenos, and cachapas, as people feel the need to leave their households in order to fill their appetite. These recipes, which date to thousands of years ago, changed and improved into what we know today, and have become accessible throughout the world. The unique dishes are often made up of maize, vegetable roots, and spices, such as arepas, which are made up of cornmeal. They are  very popular throughout this region, as they are flexible, and are easily paired with any type of protein or dairy product. Arepas can be eaten for breakfast, snack, or even have them for dinner, as they are a meal that can adapt to any time of the day. The savory and sweet combinations Latin flavor presents are exotic and delicious at the same time, truly attracting everyone.

Making these tasty meals is relatively easy, as most of these recipes require five or less ingredients. Harina pan, which is used as the main ingredient in arepas and cachapas, is accessible in most supermarkets within the Miami region, as the food has become so popular. The easiest way to make an arepa is to combine “Harina Pan” and salt in a medium bowl. Then, making a well in the center, 2½ cups warm water are added. Some students here at Scheck Hillel, where there have previously been arepa Fridays, truly have a strong appreciation for the food. Dana Croitorescu said, “It’s impossible to get tired of arepas. Not only can I add cheese, I can add anything. It is so crunchy and tasty. It’s like nutella, you never get tired of it. ” Even during Maccabi games season, students on campus look forward to this tasty delight, which are Jeremy Nichols’ “favorite meal because they can be eaten at anytime with anything, and they remind me of my country.” In addition, everyone that is looking for a healthy snack can take a tip from Sofia Nessim, who claims that “adding chia seeds, gluten free oats, and flax seeds, gives the ultimate touch to making your breakfast into a delicious and nutritious meal.”

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