Judy Abadi

“I came to Hillel in 8th grade, and I instantly joined The Roar Post. My first role was to be a photographer, and I didn’t really have any high expectations as I always thought that it would just be an extracurricular, but I ended up really enjoying it. When I became an editor, I was able to enhance my photography and design skills to help The Roar Post in any way that I could. I started taking pictures at all school-wide events from football games to Thursday assemblies. In reality, The Roar Post has been very impactful for me because as I am going to college — and will definitely be taking photography classes to expand my knowledge –, I will take these experiences with me as a reminder of the past four years. The Roar Post is something that I have been doing for years, and it’s now become a part of my life, so to say goodbye is going to be extremely difficult. As a graduating senior, I am thankful for my opportunity in working with The Roar Post and I can’t wait to continue studying photography and making the most of this skill I acquired for the future.”

– Judy Abadi, 12th Grade Student and Graphic Editor

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