Josh Schmutter

“Music has always been one of my biggest passions. Whether it’s playing the guitar, piano and saxophone, or writing, recording and producing my own songs, I enjoy learning new techniques and styles to enhance my musical ability. For the past four to five years, I’ve dedicated and focused solely on these instruments. Learning how to use them was difficult, but I recently took a risk and decided to begin singing and performing as well. I was nervous, at first, to add singing to my repertoire, but I knew this was a step I had to take if I wanted to grow as a performer. While initially I had been apprehensive, overcoming the nerves taught me more about myself as a musical performer and more importantly, as an individual. Through my experiences, I’ve discovered several skills that have given me insight as to how hard I need to work if I truly want to pursue a career in the music industry. Although these aspects are still new to me, I hope to keep improving in my music as I move through high school to set a future for my career later on. If you want to check out my music and follow my journey, you can find me @joshschmutter !”

– Josh Schmutter, 11th Grade Student

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