Jessica Best

“This year started off much like the saying ‘I had a plan and G-d laughed’. Beginning with shoulder surgery, my life changed in countless unexpected ways. The surgery was extremely difficult, mainly in the sense that it made me unable to practice yoga: my second nature, and the way I had always cared for my mental health. Yet all the negativity soon faded when, a few months later, I married my elementary school sweetheart (a boy I’d met at the age of eight). On top of that, I also became the Dean of Students; a position I would’ve never imagined taking, due to my first passion being science, and having never spent any time outside of the classroom setting. Here, I’m responsible for not just high school, but the middle school as well, which invariably poses a unique challenge and distinctive scenarios. Though yes, we all make mistakes, and I probably already made a hundred today, my only goal in this position is to help build resilient and respectful individuals. I get to see my students in a new light: not just as students, but as people who I can help become the best version of themselves. A feeling that makes me wake up and go to sleep smiling every day because of that. So, although this year has posed many new challenges and experiences, this year has also taught me that despite the obstacles, sometimes the unpredictable turns out to be extraordinary. “

– Jessica Best, Dean of Students

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