Jennifer Fetchko

“I was studying abroad in Italy for one year when I fell in love with art and everything about it. I was on a tour of this museum when I remember turning the corner, and at the very end of this majestic hallway was a 12-foot painting by Caravaggio. The painting blew me away, I couldn’t believe the beauty and the detail. At that moment, I said to myself, I have to study art for the rest of my life. I knew art was the avenue I had to go down, and it turned out to be the most spectacular day of my life. I was lucky enough to have found what I adore most in the world, and there is no better feeling. The advice I can give is to find something you love, something you can’t live without, and pursue it until the end. It is the only way to find complete happiness in this wonderful life.”

-Jennifer Fetchko, Upper School Arts Teacher

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