Jenna Lieberman

“A few months ago, something happened that changed my life as I once knew it; something I could have never predicted. I was on my way to visit my sisters at UF for the weekend. My dad was driving at the normal highway-speed, when we suddenly realized how fast the car behind us was going. Due to the traffic, we were stuck and couldn’t do anything to avoid the accident we saw coming our way. As we saw it move closer and closer, we realized it would only stop if it hit something. Unfortunately, we were that something. I don’t really remember what happened between when the car hit and when I woke up from my concussion. Yet, not being able to remember anything that had happened that day, made it seem as though my life had flashed before my eyes. I remember looking around and not understanding how I got to where I was, what had happened, or even what I was talking about a few seconds before. I had never really realized how one second could change my life forever, and how grateful I should be for every moment I am alive. A few months later, I am now still recovering from the accident, both physically and emotionally. However I wake up everyday happy to be alive.”

– Jenna Lieberman, 10th Grade Student

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