Jayme Podgorowiez

“Music has been a passion ever since I turned four years old. My cousins and siblings were always involved, and they are a big reason why I got into playing. Today, I am part of the International Jewish High School Choir where we get to travel around the country playing music. We’ve been to big cities like Boston, and venues like the Carnegie Hall. What makes me happy is seeing all the smiles in the crowds when we play. Now, I play four instruments, and I hope to play a fifth by the time I apply to college. What I enjoy the most is making other people feel better when I play by boosting their spirits. I inspire and bring happiness through my music which is why I continue improving on my talent. Music is something that calms me down and brings me up no matter the circumstance. Music is what has always been there for me and something I love to share with the world.”

– Jayme Podgorowiez 10th Grade Student, Band Member

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