Jaime Bursztyn

“In the middle of 8th grade, I realized I wanted to do what I could to help stop the hunger crisis around the world, so I decided to create a non-profit organization called Gr8 Bar. Teaming up with a well-known nutritionist in Aventura, we tried to make a healthy power bar to send to places in need. However, after some consultations, we discovered that this was illegal because of certain US laws designed to prevent the homeless from being food poisoned. So, I scratched that idea and instead focused on making healthy granola bars to sell in my community, and then use that money to buy food to #helpfeedtheworld. After making my logo, packaging, and website, I began to advertise my bars all over Instagram and Facebook. Today, we have sold over $10,000 worth of bars and have sent food donations to 8 places in need around the world. Gr8 Bar has given me the opportunity to see how much hunger there really is in the world, and has helped me realize how even the smallest contribution by one person in Aventura, Florida can impact the lives of so many! If you would like to support us, you can follow us on @gr8bar and help spread our cause!”

– Jaime Bursztyn, 11th Grade Student & Editor in Chief of The Roar Post

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