Ian Stern

“I lived in Hong Kong for five years of my life. Like in America, schools in Hong Kong don’t tolerate any form of violence. However, abiding by these rules was more difficult for me than any other student. I grew up with major anger management issues and behavioral problems. I would fight with anyone who didn’t agree with me, no matter how small or big the disagreement, both verbally and physically. I would lash out at other kids and disrespect my teachers, without any self control. One day, my mother gave me the news that we were going to move to America as long as I followed a few conditions. She forced me to “shape up”, and improve my attitude towards everyone around me. I spent a ton of time focusing on improving myself because that was the main problem in my life. I realized that the way I reacted to certain situations not only affected me, but had an effect on my family as well. With time, I learned to cope with my anger and to this day I haven’t gotten into any fights at school. I respect my teachers and peers, and I strive to improve myself and my behavior every day.”

– Ian Stern, 11th Grade Student

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