How to get on Ms. Best’s Good Side

With the start of this school year came a new leaf for Scheck Hillel. Old faces, from teachers to administrators, were waved goodbye to and new faces were welcomed. One of the biggest changes came, though, when Ms. Best, previously the Earth Space science teacher, became Dean Best; getting on her good side has never been as urgent as a priority as now….


Here are some ways to do just that:

  • As a University of Delaware graduate, Ms. Best bleeds blue and yellow. Make sure to put the new rule allowing students to wear university sweatshirts to good use and sport a UDelaware sweatshirt (obviously with a Hillel shirt underneath). Support YoUDee, the blue hen mascot, proudly, and you can be sure to catch Ms. Best smiling your way.
  • There is one team Ms. Best likes more than any Delaware sports team, and that’s the Scheck Hillel Lions. Whether it’s basketball, soccer, tennis, or golf, you can catch her at any and every sports event. Be the most spirited person in the room and rock your Hillel sweatshirt with some blue face paint to almost guarantee you a high five from Ms. Best.
  • When asked about her favorite candy, Ms. Best, without hesitation, said, “M&Ms and chips and guacamole, just not together, and obviously kosher.” While bringing food onto campus from home isn’t necessarily allowed, these snacks are a great gift to bring Ms. Best for Teacher Appreciation Day, a Mishloach Manot for Purim, or even just for fun.
  • Perhaps the simplest way to get on Ms. Best’s good side has to be brushing up on your Earth Space science facts, particularly Ms. Best’s favorite topic: rocks and minerals. If you see her around in bagel break, ask about her favorite metamorphic rock or lunar phase.

It is often hard to see past the teacher or administrator role when talking to them about normal things, like Netflix shows or sports teams. This same concept goes for Ms. Best, who wants to engage in these fun conversations, saying, “We can talk about New York, Grey’s Anatomy, and any of the Housewives.” It may seem like a somewhat daunting task to try to go up to Ms. Best and have a good laugh with her, but at the end of the day, she is human and loves T.V. dramas, junk foods, and a good laugh just as much as any other person.

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