How To Get On Mag’s Good Side

The most frequently asked question by a Hillel student is, “How do I swiftly and effortlessly get through a day of school?” The typical answer is, become a teacher’s pet  and/or  do the “right” thing even when nobody is watching. Although those two ideas will help you, they aren’t easy or straightforward. From referrals to dress code violations, and even getting sent to Mag’s office, the answer is simple: in order to survive a day at school, each and every student must prioritize getting on the good side of the one and only Dean “Mag” Magidson.  He knows everything that happens on this campus – both good and bad. Students will tell you to avoid getting sent to Mag’s office at all costs.

 Which then leads to another question every Hillel students asks: “How can I accomplish this seemingly impossible task?”  “How can I get Mag to like me?”  It’s simple! By doing the following three easy tasks everyday will get you on Mag’s good side. First, you need to follow the dress code rules at all times. For boys, keep your shirts tucked in with a belt and wear a kippah. For girls keep your skirt below the knees. Second, have an inside joke with Mag and constantly remind him about it to keep him smiling. For example, show him a really funny video on Instagram during lunch. Lastly, just stay out of classroom drama. Don’t give your teachers a reason to write you up on a discipline referral.   

Following these very simple guidelines will not only make your day at Hillel run a lot more smoothly, but it just makes Dean Magidson’s life easier. Following the rules, the dress code, and just being an overall good person will keep you on his good side. (It also doesn’t hurt to cheer on the State Champs soccer team.)

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