How Pets Provide Health Benefits

Other than being the honorary members of many families, pets have proven to have many therapeutic benefits. Studies have shown that pets reduce stress and anxiety while giving many other positive mental health benefits. To begin with, most pets will improve physical activity. For example, dog owners need to take their dog on a walk, allowing them to incorporate exercise into their daily routine. Not only this, but pets make a person feel less lonely.  Especially for people living alone, pets provide a sense of companionship. Another trait includes boosting your self-esteem. Pets listen to you without judgement and are always available to show unconditional love. Pets also add structure to one’s day, as they require a schedule. Feeding, walking and cleaning pets add a sense of responsibility and organization to one’s routine. Science supports this, proving that “interacting with animals has been shown to decrease levels of cortisol (a stress-related hormone) and lower blood pressure.” Many studies prove the neverending benefits pets have on one’s health in general.  

Studies show the most common house pet is a dog. This is the animal that improves one’s mental health the most. Many people have “therapy dogs.” Others can even bring dogs to their workplace. A large number of hospitals have therapy dogs that make regular visits to the hospital. They provide patients a time to relax while distracting them with puppy love. Not only this, but they promote healing as well. As sources say, “Both the National Institute of Health and the Centers for Disease Control have shared studies showing that pets help minimize our risk for having a heart attack; for those who have already had a heart attack, research indicates that patients with pets have better recovery rates, as these benefits are connected with pets’ tendency to help reduce overall stress levels.” Not only do pets help people with health conditions, but also help people with disabilities like ADHD and Autism. 

All in all, no matter what pet it is, they all have incredible health benefits. Whether it’s a problem with mental or physical heatlh, pets are able to provide love and help heal you.

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