Honoring the Life and Legacy of Yuval Miara, z”l

Describing someone like Mr. Miara is difficult. There are no words to accurately and fully describe his passion, love for Israel, and care for those around him. I remember walking into my Hebrew class in eighth grade nervous to find out who Mr. Miara was, as he would be my teacher for the year. As soon as I walked in, I felt a sense of safety wrapped around Mr. Miara’s warm and welcoming smile. Mr. Miara carried the same positivity from the day I met him to the last day I spoke to him. In class, we would spend every Friday singing Hebrew songs in order to end the week and bring in shabbat with a happy spirit. On the last day I spoke to him, we sang those same songs together and he left me with the quote, “כל עוד הנר דולק אפשר לתקן” (“As long as the candle is still burning, it’s possible to make adjustment.”) This quote truly brought together what Mr. Miara was about and what his purpose in life was. Whether it was with his family, friends, or students, he was always lighting up the world and encouraging others to bring out the best in themselves. He didn’t care whether the odds were in his favor or whether he was having a bad day or not, he took the fact that he was happy and living and used that in order to put a smile on everyone around him.

There are few people in this world who are as inspiring and impactful as Mr. Miara was. Leading Shabbat B’Yachad for the younger kids, teaching Hebrew, or simply starting a conversation with everyone around him, he was able to touch various people’s lives. His love for Judaism and Torah are ones that cannot be overlooked. In dedication of his memory, it is important for us to continue carrying on his passion for Judaism and Torah as we write a new Sefer Torah in his honor. After our 2018 Annual Event on January 21, where we will have the honor to hear from Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks, we will dedicate this Sefer Torah in the name of Yuval Miara, z”l. We encourage all of our students to attend and demonstrate our respect and honor toward Mr. Miara.

Grade 7-12 students can register for complimentary Annual Event tickets at eHillel.org/AnnualEvent, and parents can register for supervision of younger children at the same link.

Simi Serfati, Class of 2018



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