Hillel Seniors Explore the Jewish Approach to Love and Intimacy

The modern world is composed of countless twists and turns which can make it difficult to navigate for even the most knowledgeable of experts. At the eve of this year’s senior class’ departure through the gates of reality, the school decided to provide them with a map and compass which would make it easier for them to find their path within this new chapter of their lives. And so, an extensive three-day course with regards to the “Jewish Approach to Love and Intimacy” was provided to senior girls and boys, during which three phases were explored. The first step consisted of a lecture explaining the Torah and the wisdom it offers with regard to this topic. The second section allowed the students to ask all their questions, shame and ignorance being left behind the doors of the conference room. Finally, a field trip to the Mikveh allowed them to truly understand the concepts they had just been exposed to, not only learning the theory but watching it play out in front of their very own eyes. 

The girls had the immense fortune of being taught by a world-renowned expert on the subject, flown in from Canada just for the occasion: Rebbetzin Carlebach. A seasoned veteran, she was able to help them explore boundaries that had previously been left unexplored, teaching and answering all the questions with a perfect combination of wisdom and kindness. One of the students even went as far as exclaiming that she “Really enjoyed it! She was very patient and well-spoken, explaining sensitive material in a very logical manner. I thought it was a great idea to have girls at this stage in their life be taught about the Torah’s perspective in love and intimacy”. Others shared this sentiment, as they thought that “it was a great opportunity to have this knowledge at this age” and that they learned that “The Torah is a guide to life and it really does lead to a happier and healthier life”. As for the boys, Rabbi Eli Ganz took this opportunity to tell them not only the Halachic approach to such an important topic, but what their responsibilities and potential are. 

Regardless of what they might have known before the doors opened the very first day of this spectacular course, one thing was shared across all students when those same doors closed three days later: certainty that whatever the world had in store for them on this new chapter, they would be able to navigate and conquer it. This initiative was made possible by the relentless passion and dedication of Dr. Hana Barouk, to whom the entire senior class would like to say: “Thank you!”. 

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