Heela and Tamar

“Heela is twenty and I’m nineteen. We both finished school and are currently doing our first year of national service. After we were both accepted into the program after a six month long application, we met and decided we wanted to do our service together. After I heard about Hillel, I told Heela and we both decided we wanted to come to this school, which we were told was really cool. Our job is to help in Hebrew classes and bring ruach to the school! We try to put up signs and bring an Israeli atmosphere to the school. We miss our family back home, but at the same time it’s very fun to be here. Last year, I worked with new immigrants and tourists at a Kibbutz, teaching them about Israel and the basics of Hebrew. After our service in Hillel is over, we were given the option to go back to Israel but we both decided to do summer camps and then go back home.”

– Tamar, Bnot Sherut

“Last year, I worked in one year programs and yeshivas. After I met Tamar, we decided our next year would be spent here in Hillel. We really love it here. It’s all amazing. The kids here are adorable and the school as a whole is very welcoming. Here, I can sense a love for Israel and the kids really know a lot about it and want to learn so much more. However, we feel that ruach, spirit, is missing on this campus, and thus our goal is to try to bring it. The kids look up to us and look at us as role models and we really want them to come visit us when we go back to Israel. ”

– Heela, Bnot Sherut

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