Gregory Ethridge

“My path to Judaism started about five and a half years back. It started with a ton of unanswered questions and symbols that made no sense to me. My neighbor across the street was a Jewish person, but there were many things I didn’t understand from his culture and belief. This led to my epiphany, which included these symbols, what I learned to be the Aleph-Bet. All these questions I had regarding the Jewish tradition, were ones no one could answer, so my neighbor referred me to his rabbi. That rabbi led me to four different rabbis until I finally reached a Chabad Rabbi. I studied with this rabbi for two and a half years, and then I went to a Chabad in Coconut Creek and finally ended up in Boca Raton. The whole journey for me has been emphasized by learning about the beauty of the culture and tradition, and it is also about spiritual growth. I embrace Torah, Gemara, but most of all, I embrace the Zohar and its Kabbalistic teachings. Everything from tefillin to prayer to the Torah is beautiful in my eyes; everyday I grow, everyday is about learning something new, and not just for myself but for people around me. The biggest challenge I faced in my journey was getting a straight answer, as everything seemed so vague at first; I couldn’t get a straight answer until reaching my first Chabad Rabbi. I compare it to normal studies where you think you have the answer, but sometimes it’s just not it. Basically what I’m saying is if you don’t have the answers right away, keep asking, because eventually the answers will arrive, and the answers are beautiful.”

–  Mr. Gregory Ethridge, Upper School Finance and Computer Science Teacher

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