Galit Herman

For as long as I can remember, I have worked my hardest to become the best soccer player that I can be. I’ve always put my heart into the game, and done the best I could do. About a year and a half ago — during the district tournament — I got injured. I was running against the opposing team member for a free ball, when she hit my knee and I fell down. Throughout the season, I was pushed down a lot, but I always managed to get back up. This was different, though. I couldn’t move and had to be carried out of the field. After being rushed to the hospital, doctors told me that I tore my ACL and MCL, and broke a bone. The injury took me out of the game for over a year, but I did, however, continue to support my team from the sidelines and mentally trained for my comeback. Now, as soccer season is starting again, I’m finally back. Sadly, I am not at the level I was before, but I will continue to work hard and give it my all this last year – for myself, for my coaches, and for my team!

– Galit Herman, 12th Grade Student

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