Gabriela Bentolila

“I was born and raised in Venezuela but had to move to Houston a few years ago because my dad was diagnosed with cancer. Shortly after the move, I realized that the only way I’d be able to fit in, was if I was positive and embraced the change. As soon as I began doing that, however, my parents told me we were moving to Miami. This was another big challenge that I now had to overcome and a new environment I now had to adapt to. But I once again got used to this new city and made a lot of friends that helped me come out of my shell a little. Once the opportunity to be Gilinski Ambassador came out, I took the risk and applied; like everyone else, I didn’t know for certain I would get it, but it was worth a shot. When I finally found out I got it and I was exposed to what comes with being an ambassador, the shy girl I once was, could no longer be shy. I had to turn into a leader and take the tools that Gilinski was instilling within me, to really stand up for myself and go out of my comfort zone; to do something I was never comfortable doing at any other point in my life. Being a Gilinksi Ambassador is truly an incredible opportunity that only a few students at Hillel get the honor to have. It’s not just about the scholarship; it’s about standing tall as a representative of my school and knowing that there are others looking up to me — it really is empowering. I have the chance to make change along with the other ambassadors and do our part to make Hillel a better place. Applications are out for this year, and I encourage everyone to apply if you have the chance!”

– Gabriela Bentolila, 12th Grade Student

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