From Student to Teacher: Mrs. Farago

As a highschooler, every student is waiting for the day they get to walk out of Hillel’s gates and begin a new phase of their life. Graduation is seen as the stepping stone to college, and subsequently, a job. While growing up and experiencing new things is amazing, a handful of Scheck Hillel alumni seem to return to the place they once called “home”, and continue their lives at the school. Mrs. Farago, who attended Scheck Hillel from fourth to ninth grade, continues her “Hillelian” journey as a middle and high school math teacher. In order to see her reasoning for returning, Mrs. Farago discussed her experience at Hillel, from the perspective of both student and teacher.

After graduating from college, Mrs. Farago did not originally intend on becoming a teacher. She initially planned on being an engineer, and even worked in that field for a while, until she realized that she did not enjoy working a sedentary job and staring at a computer screen all day. Mrs. Farago then began substitute teaching at Dr. Michael M. Krop Senior High School, absolutely loved it, and became a full time teacher there. After being a student at Hillel, though, she decided that she wanted to teach at a place where she felt truly happy. “I’d rather teach at a place I love and would actually want to be at,” said Farago, and she then applied to be a teacher at Hillel. She was told that she needed more experience, so she taught at Hochberg Preparatory School for a couple of months, and finally returned to Hillel.

As a teacher, Mrs. Farago finds herself relating her current students to the friends she had while she was in school, especially during her first couple of years teaching. “So and so reminds me of when I was in school. My students feel like my friends because of this,” stated Mrs. Farago. While asking this question, her close relationship with her students was clearly evident, as many of them comfortably chimed into the conversation with laughter and comments of their own. “Mrs. Farago was my teacher in seventh grade,” began Alex Wagenberg, tenth grade student, “and this year she is teaching me again. I feel lucky to have a teacher that I can talk to so comfortably. She really is a great person.”

As Mrs. Farago spoke about the school, her love for the place seemed to shine through with every word. Teachers like her, that come back to the school to teach, truly show that Hillel is home.


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Mrs. Farago (left) pictured in seventh grade

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