Favorite Vacation Spot To Travel

I really enjoy travelling to Europe. It is a very nice continent, and I go there every summer. Within Europe, my favorite place to visit is Rome, Italy. In Rome, there are a lot of nice places to shop in and take scenic pictures, including the Colosseum. Italy also has great food: their square pizza cannot be missed, and neither can their amazing desserts such as Tiramisu and Cannolis.I recommend everyone visit all around Europe, because it’s an amazing experience and very different from the United States. Another place I enjoy travelling to within Europe is France, especially Nice, Cannes, ST Tropez, and Lyon. 

Asia also has many cool destinations. I loved travelling  to  China and Vietnam. In China, I saw the Great Wall of China. We went on a gondola, and I was able to see all the beautiful scenery from high above.  I also went to visit the Forbidden City in China to see the largest palace in the country. In Hong Kong, I walked 691 steps to see the Buddha and I walked down 691 steps down. It was great exercise, and I’ve never walked so many steps in my life. I would do it again, and I recommend others to visit the Buddha, as well. 

I love traveling around with my family because I get to get close to them and learn about other cultures.  For many Hillel students, travelling is a large part of their lives. I interviewed a few Scheck Hillel members to see what their favorite vacation spots are. Jessica Best, Dean of Students, answered “I love Maui.” Nicole Feldman, senior at Scheck Hillel, responded “My favorite vacation spot would have to be Florence or London.” Additionally, Ilana Stiberman said that her favorite vacation spot is Colorado.

My favorite thing to think about when I’m in school is vacation. I miss traveling pre-Corona. I love the memories that I made when I traveled with my family, especially when I went to Europe and Asia. I also have a list of places that I want to travel to, including Japan, India, Turkey, Thailand, and many more cool places in the world. My dream place that I want to be in now is Italy because of the scenery and yummy food. I love being in Europe because there are so many cool places to visit. The picture below is me in Sicily, Italy looking at wonderful things that Taormina has that I don’t see in the day to day bass in  my life. I miss going on vacation and being with my family and my friends, and all the memories I enjoy making.

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