Fantasy Football for Dummies

Every year for sixteen weeks, most of the boys are stuck to their phones looking at their Fantasy Football leagues. Other people are confused and wonder what Fantasy Football is and how it works.

Logistics of Fantasy Football:

  1. Join a league. One can find some leagues online, or create one.
  2. Draft players. Using real NFL players, one must draft their team based on how many touchdowns, interceptions, etc. the player has made in the last game they have played.
  3. Constantly check your team. A new game starts every week.  
  4. Trade & WIN! One can trade players within their group to assist one’s team’s chances to win the big prize at the end of the season.

Every week, one team is selected to play against another person’s team in a league. Whomever’s team wins the game goes up in the ranks of their league. There is a specific point system to Fantasy Football to go up in ranks: touchdown, reception, or rush earns points for one’s team. Eventually, the playoffs take place and teams get eliminated until there is one ultimate winner.  Typically, there is a jackpot prize for the overall winner of the league.

One key tip for Fantasy Football is to keep trading players. If one player on one’s team is doing poorly or his statistics are going downhill, one should trade that player for another player. To trade, one must negotiate with another person in the same league to trade a specific player for another in return. Additionally, one may draft and drop players if got injured.  One may also draft players based on their performance and whether the player is a “sleeper”, a player that has done better than what others expected.

Now that you understand the game, go create a Fantasy Football league (with parental permission)… Depending on how well you do, you can win big bucks!


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