Esther Bentolila

“I remember the first time I tried fencing here at Hillel. The feeling of picking up the sword, right from the start, was like no other. I was always very athletic, and fencing, for me, became a passion for something greater than just any sport. I knew I needed to go further with it, so I decided to take this to a more competitive level. It has been an amazing journey thus far; a journey that has had glory as well as my fair share of sacrifices. I had to pay my dues to reach the level I am at today.  I have traveled throughout the United States, and even internationally. I have earned more than medals and trophies; I have earned a completely different way to analyze a circumstance in real life, thanks to the critical thinking skills required to fence. Now, it has surpassed just being a passion. It is my way of life. I truly enjoy having something so unique to define my path in life. Fencing requires mental and physical strength, and that is just the beginning. It requires skill, strategy, anticipation, but mostly it requires discipline, for example, always being prepared. I have met amazing people and I am beyond blessed that my career in fencing has opened many amazing opportunities. I hope to go to a division 1 university for fencing, fulfill my dreams of becoming an Olympian, and one day bring back fencing to Hillel, where it all began for me.”

– Esther Bentolila, 11th Grade Student

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