Erica Farago

“Eight years ago, I had a life changing experience: I was nominated to participate on “The Price is Right”. It was not the show that changed me, rather it was the fact that I fell on national television. While going up triumphantly to claim my prize, I tripped on the stairs and plummeted to the delight of everyone in the audience. I had to make a choice: do I dread the most embarrassing moment of my life, or do I welcome it. I decided to let my students know I would be on television, leaving out the incident and hoping the episode would never come to digital life. When the show aired, the kids loved it and so did their parents; everyone came in laughing and smiling at my fifteen seconds of fame. Before this moment, I used to be embarrassed about the mistakes I had made, but now I know, we all make mistakes. Every year, I show my students and their parents that I make mistakes too. When you fall on your butt — metaphorically or in my case literally –, it is not the fall that defines us but how we get back up. So, I guess I will see you next fall…”

– Erica Farago, Upper School Mathematics Teacher

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