Elon Gold’s Life as a Jewish Comedian

Elon Gold, a Jewish comedian who lives within the commotion that is LA, spoke at Scheck Hillel to share how he maintains his orthodox identity while actively participating in the world of show business. In addition to his appearance on a Netflix series and several talk shows, Gold  performs at annual shul galas and Pesach programs to keep in touch with his values and community. Gold is proud of his identity, highlighting that his connection with Jewish audiences is unparalleled. His Hollywood career is obviously very important to him, but maintaining a strong, Jewish homelife goes beyond anything that relates to his career. Elon Gold mentioned how when he was younger, his friends felt bad for him due to his “media-detox” he went through every Friday and Saturday on shabbat, but later in life, he realized they should feel bad for themselves. Gold realized it was a privilege to have a day dedicated to focus on his family and not have any worries from everyday responsibilities.  Elon is happy to keep his traditions and raise his children in a Jewish environment, just as he did as a child. He mentioned how the commotion of Hollywood can easily get into one’s head, but emphasized that  a supportive Jewish community and family to come back to every night lets his traditions thrive.

Attendees of the assembly were delighted by the funny remarks Elon made while highlighting how he has actively preserved his culture throughout his career. Junior Andrea Benhamron thought “the assembly was special as there is usually not much comedy incorporated into these lectures,” additionally emphasizing that, “it is like he is living in two parallel universes, going to the Netflix HQ and then going on with his Jewish identity.” Other opinions included sophomore Gaby Bonwitt’s, who stated that this assembly was “one of her favorite ones as the incorporation of Jewish values and comedy was great.” Elon Gold was a phenomenon among the Scheck Hillel high school body, who took away that maintaining a Jewish identity can be done anywhere if one makes sure to dedicate time to it.

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