Eithan Martinez

“I never really had high expectations. I mean, what teenager trying to start a company would? Last year, I started calling people and I started getting answers. I couldn’t believe it. At 15, I was the CEO of my social media company, KnownPost Corporation. Business owners actually expressed their interest in my company. I did ask myself, however, if it was all worth it; the sleepless nights, the stress, and all of the challenges. How much did I really like being an entrepreneur? It has definitely been the hardest thing I’ve done my whole life, but it has also been the best. I can tell you that I’ve learned a lot and that I am not the same person I was one year ago before starting the company. I always say that an idea is worth nothing if it is just an idea. It sounds silly, but think about it. How many great ideas have you had and done nothing about them? Now think about how your life might have changed if you had done something about your idea and been successful. I really do encourage others to follow through with their next idea and to see where it goes. The hardest thing is starting, but you will get through it. Anyone can do it.”
-Eithan Martinez, Student (10th grade)

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