Effects of NCAA NIL

As sports have revolutionized, athletes have as well. Many people see money and automatically think about professional sports. However, with this new revolution, college athletes have the possibility to solicit endorsement deals, sell their own merchandise, and make money off of their social media accounts. This not only changes the course of history but also affects the future of the National Collegiate Athletic Association and its athletes. In the past, student-athletes were not allowed to have any official contract with any type of organization in order to prevent “amateurism”. Since they were not professionals, the NCAA believed that being compensated for playing sports was not necessary. However, with this rules change, student-athletes now have the possibility to win money off their name, and start making a living off of what they do best. Even though this might make athletes happy, it brings dubious benefits to colleges and their spectators. 

While many people see sports as a way of life, others see it as a business. The NCAA was all about joy and glory, but all of that changed with this rule. Now, the nation’s top prospects are only interested in who gives them a bigger endorsement deal, and how they can make the most money out of their name. As Alan Strulovic said: “These athletes will now attempt to win money in the biggest and fastest way possible. Even if it is with someone that they have not met or even with a company that they have not heard about.” While athletes have argued that not getting paid to play was not fair, the reputation that was gained through college events was just as important as the money that they were not putting in their pockets. As many people spoke out and debated over the idea, the NCAA felt the need to make this idea a reality. Even though this is not completely negative, many people see it as a change of ideals towards what the NCAA is all about. With events such as March Madness and College Football Playoffs, the schools involved in it are set to embark on a journey that can change their university’s name forever. On the other hand, it is unknown what the athletes are thinking about. While some might be thinking about money, others might be thinking about fame and glory. This not only affects the athletes, but it also affects the universities. As its athletes are now getting paid, the economic income brought in by a college is now unknown due to that economic allowance given to the athletes. Even though endorsements and social media are allowed to only bring in one athlete, they might not be interested in the college as a whole. Even though not many student-athletes win much money through this, it is still a barrier to work through for the financial side of colleges’ business. 

Furthermore, the new proposal not only affects the emotional side of the deal but also impacts the benefits that come along with it. As colleges are seeing their top athletes get deals from all around the globe, the possibility of their college getting income from that is low. Even if they do get income, how much will it be? Alberto Koeing adds, “Even if income is coming through the college doors, it will not be the same amount as when their athletes were not allowed to gain their own money off of their name without their school being a vital part of the deal.” As an athlete commits himself/herself to a college, his/her main intention is not only for the athlete to get the spotlight but also for the college to get recognition. However, with this new rule, the recognition that is needed by every college is slowly fading away. As their athletes are getting more and more deals, more questions are being asked, and doubt is starting to strike within colleges and their sports programs. 

Another question that is being asked is: How are the student-athletes going to hold their academic standards with all the deals that are being offered to them? Well, as money is the necessity that everyone has to live by in life, many student-athletes are forgetting about the importance of academics. As they are being offered compensation and contracts to put them in stages such as the MLB, NBA, MLS, and NFL, many of them are forgetting about the balance in life. Once someone retires or even has to go through a catastrophic injury, their consciousness and ability to do business outside of sports starts playing a vital role in their life. Some of these players only care about sports and zero about the rest. This leads to many of them ending up without jobs and even losing all their money due to poor money management. Therefore, one must be very careful with all of the new deals and endorsements that are being offered to these student-athletes with this new rule made by the NCAA. As one starts deviating and forgetting about the starting points in life, they start disregarding what got them to where they are now, and what they must have in order to be successful once their prime years are over. Jonathan Lev-Tov adds: “ You must always know where you are standing. Once the day comes where you are not sure where you are, or how you got there; that will be the day where you are in trouble.”

In conclusion, the effects of the new rule allowing student-athletes to attain endorsement deals and win money off of their name not only affects the players but also affects the college programs as a whole. Many things are being put to the test with this new program, and the ones that are set to see their new future with this are the colleges. As the students are gaining the best out of this, the college program now must see the effects that this will have on them, and how they will start moving forwards with this now on the line.  

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