Dr. Schiff

“The day had come. It was the Saturday I, along with my siblings, was testing for my First Degree Black Belt, something I had wanted ever since I started taking Tae Kwon Do. After endless hours of practice, Master Cho, my teacher, informed my sister and me that only my brother would test that day, as he felt we were not ready yet. Of course, I was disappointed, but all I could do was keep preparing for the next test. The day of testing came around again, but this time, it was only my sister that was allowed, according to my teacher’s orders. Now, more frustrated and anxious than before, I even thought about quitting. Yet, I somehow found the strength to prevail once more. Finally, I was granted the opportunity to perform. Extremely apprehensive, my heart was beating out of my chest as I waited to hear the results. “RAHNA SCHIFF!”, Master Cho exclaimed as I was at last awarded my belt. Multiple times in my life, I am reminded of that moment, as he whispered to me, “you had more better, so we had to wait until you let it all come out.” In that brief moment, I realized he had seen my potential to improve beyond what I imagined for myself. It was such a gift to know that my Master was not going to let me settle for less than MY best. It was a lesson to always find the strength to overcome any obstacles in my way. To never give up, even if it the path ahead seems impossible, and to not compare myself with anyone else. I was taught not to be good enough, but to be MY best.”

-Dr. Schiff, Upper School Math Teacher

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