Dr. Jonathan Friedman

“The first 21 years of my life, were spent in Auburn, Alabama. I grew up there, then attended Auburn University for college. Thinking back on my days there, I have come to realize how lucky I am to be here, and what a special place this really is. In Auburn, being Jewish wasn’t something that was common or seen as something normal. I felt very different and isolated when it came to religion and there weren’t many people like me. In a school with 1200 people, there were only two Jews, and myself being one of them. There was no Jewish life on campus and it was a challenge to keep my Jewish identity. Every week, I would drive 60 miles to the closest synagogue for a little Jewish education and would spend time learning with a rabbi and a few other men who I am still in contact with today. The few hours a week that I would sit and learn about Judaism, didn’t just give me knowledge on my religion, but it helped make me who I am today. Now, working at a Jewish school, I need to emphasize the importance of not taking this gift for granted because not many people grow up the way you do. This school has a wonderful environment filled with wonderful people and I am so very lucky to have found myself a home in this community. We all have our own story and the more you talk about it, and hear it from others the more you understand you are not alone.”

– Dr. Jonathan Friedman, Upper School Chemistry Teacher

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