Dr. Ezra Levy

“About 2 and a half years ago, I received a phone call that my son, who was learning in Israel at the time, had been taken to the hospital due to trouble breathing. He had a virus affecting his heart, making it weak and large. I didn’t expect it at all, how could I? The week prior, my son had told us he had a cold, but we never thought it would result in congestive heart failure. That evening, the doctor called, telling us that either my wife or I had to fly to Israel immediately, because they didn’t know what the next 24 hours would look like. My wife took the very next flight to Israel, arriving the following afternoon, just before Pesach. She spent the next two weeks in the ICU with him, until the doctors decided that we should bring our son back to the United States for further medical care. As a family, we had to continue with our regular routine, well-aware of the crisis looming over us. I realized that all the other problems in my world causing me stress everyday were still there, but were thought of as a different category. Nothing was more important to us than our son’s recovery. We learned how to better prioritize those things in life that really matter, with health and family at the very top of the priority list. Baruch Hashem, as time progressed my son grew stronger and stronger, and while he is still on the road toward a full recovery, he is miraculously leading a full life; He is even back in school. As for our family, we grew stronger and rediscovered how lucky we are to have each other and our community, which truly acted, during this time of need, as our extended family.”

– Dr. Ezra Levy, Head of School

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