Dr. Barouk

“My weekend trip to Canada started off like any other visit home. I was pregnant with my first child, and everything seemed to be going great. It was Shabbat, and as I started preparing for dinner, something just didn’t feel right. Hyper-cautious, I rushed to the hospital, totally unaware of what I’d be told next. The wary expression on the doctors’ faces was unlike anything I’d ever seen before: they voiced I’d be giving birth after only 25 weeks, instead of the normal 40-week full-term. I was now unable to move and confronted with a truly life-altering decision: revive my child after an emergency birth (he’d instantly be unable to breathe) or risk that nature takes its course? The doctors went on to explain the tremendously long list of hazards that would come with either choice I made; they also warned that the extent of the damage done to my child would not be known until his birth. It was, certainly, the most challenging decision I’d ever needed to make. Never in a million years will I regret telling the doctors to revive my child. After having an emergency C-section, my son was born weighing one and a half pounds. It was then that our journey together began. We stayed in the intensive care unit for six months and faced tremendous complications throughout our stay. Once we were finally able to leave the hospital, I took my son to all kinds of different therapies, until we found out that he was delayed in almost every area of growth. Ten years later, he is now a student, here in Hillel, doing the exact things doctors said he would always be unable to do. Despite his few sensory issues, Shmuly is truly thriving in and out of the classroom, and I couldn’t be prouder. My experience with this situation taught me a sense of patience that I never imagined was possible. I learned that, even as a mother, I cannot control everything in life: the only thing I can control is my attitude. Most importantly, though, it became my blatant proof of the hand of Hashem: when you selflessly give so much of yourself to others, you will be limitlessly rewarded in return.”

– Dr. Barouk

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