Does Discipline Impact Students?

Discipline is one of the many things that shape a school into what they are. Whether rules are enforced heavily or not, a school is reviewed on its ability to control and carry out actions upon students. The practice of training people to obey rules or a code of behavior is important in many different aspects. Between the well being of a student to develop into a leader of tomorrow and the image of the student as a whole, discipline must have an opening and performance in every school across the world. Without discipline, a school will lack positive behavior and respectful manners.  Although administering a high degree of discipline may be rough on students, a school must represent that the fun and games end once a bad deed is present. The school must understand that students want to feel comfortable in the setting that they are in most of their childhood, but the students must have the knowledge that once they do something against the rules that is harmful to themselves and their future or the security of the school, discipline will be present. Punishments need to be direct to the action done. They need to be carefully thought through to make sure that everything is done fairly and authentic. 

One who is able to perform such a task must deliberately be able to stay straightforward but calming at the same time. A student who receives their punishment respectfully will undoubtedly show the same amount of respect back and appreciate that they are being listened to. A student who is sent to a deans office when in trouble already has adrenaline rushing throughout their body and worries about their parent’s reactions. Already aware that they are on their way to receive a consequence, a student should receive a calm explanation by the dean which allows the student to accept what they did wrong in tranquility and not lashing out rationally. At Scheck Hillel Community School, our dean is present and active day after day. Walking around and invoking rules is a part of Mrs. Bests’ everyday life. Being someone that everyone knows, different students perceive the discipline given in different ways. Some may believe that the punishments that they are given are unfair and biased while some believe that everything they did received the correct discipline. 

After interviewing a serious of students who have all experienced time at the Dean’s office, many vast opinions have been stated. Throughout the interviews of students, they all come to recognize the true reasoning behind their behavior and the rationale of their actions. Some believe that when at Mrs. Bests’ office they receive their consequence in a way that takes away the worry that was built up. These students feel respected and appreciate the fact that they are not yelled at and put down by the dean. All anonymous interviewed students feel that the discipline given at Scheck Hillel Community School is fair enough to the point that they never do those actions again. One student stated, “Since the punishment was directed towards me and I obviously didn’t want it on my record, in the beginning, I felt that it should be more thought-over and discussed. However, in the end, I learned how reasonable it really was and how understanding the whole experience was overall.” Another student expressed how Scheck Hillel Community School shows support even to those with a colorful record. Students are repeatedly told how capable they are of accomplishing much more than they put out and that everything they want can be done when they focus and put their minds to it. 

After researching and analyzing the interviews, the best point of view had to be from our very own dean Mrs. Best. Mrs. Best was asked a series of questions made to get her perspective on the discipline in our school. One of the questions asked was, how does it feel when you enforce a punishment? To which Mrs. Best’s response was, “It never feels good to make someone else upset. However, from experience, I know that in the end, the punishment will only help the student to not make the decision again. The end goal is to make a student the best they could be on and off-campus. The consequences that are carried out are almost all of Mrs. Best’s voice. “Everything depends on how severe the incident is. For most disciplinary actions, it’s my choice on what the consequence comes to be. Punishments also reflect on a student’s actions before I became dean. After looking through records, I with backup from other administrators come up with the most reasonable punishment for the student.” Being that some students have a good relationship with their teachers, I was curious to ask if Mrs. Best if her good relationships with students that were created when she was a teacher at Scheck Hillel reflect the actions of consequence that she takes. “No, never. The way the students act when in my offices may have an effect because of the conversations that we’ve had before.” Mrs. Best believes that the students would be the only one who’s actions were to be different since they would feel more guilt and knowledge of what they did wrong. The students at Scheck Hillel Community School come from different backgrounds and have different lives once they come home at night. Being that some have difficult personal lives, I decided to ask if this had an effect on the punishments given. “There is always time for flexibility when imposing rules. If it comes to my knowledge that a student is going through a rough time at home, I would take the responsibility into my own hands to have a private conversation with the student and call home. Although everything depends on how severe and egregious the consequence is, calling home and having a private conversation might be enough to teach a student right from wrong.” Mrs. Best’s overall goal as a dean is to make sure that everyone is treated the same and that everyone is held accountable for what they did. 

After all, questions were asked my final opinion was made. Discipline is very effective on the fact that after done, students recognize what they are capable of doing. Everyone wants to show the world how talented they are. Since our school represents such unity and makes continuous comments on how gifted and qualified everyone is to accomplish everything, the discipline that is present, is very much effective on every student. 

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