DIY Hanukkah Gifts

Come holiday season, finding the perfect gifts for your friends and family can be stressful. Sometimes, it may not seem like there is anything out there that is a perfect fit for them. Other times you may be trying to stick to a strict budget, so you can’t buy that amazing gift. Well, no need to fret. Listed below are ten “do-it-yourself” gifts that can be personalized to best fit your friends and family, because they deserve the best of the best.

Phone Case:

Materials: You will need a clear phone case, scrapbook paper, a pencil, and scissors.

Instructions: To do DIY is trace the phone using a pencil onto scrapbook paper, cut it out, and cut out the camera hole. Then, pop it into the clear case so that it is water resistant. If you wish to be more creative, you can add stickers or anything else to make it even more personal.

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Free Hugs Coupon:

This gift is super cute and super simple.

Materials: All you need to create this coupon is your computer.

Instructions: Open Google Drawings and create a rectangle. Then, separate the rectangle into thirds and place two rounded rectangular shapes on the top and bottom. Now, just write out what the receiver can redeem for this coupon. For instance, it can be a a hug, a massage, making their bed, etc., and personalize the coupon with different colors, fonts, and pictures to make it unique.

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Ring Holder:

Materials: You will need some plastic or rubber animals, a small ceramic bowl or plate, spray paint, and strong glue (such as a hot glue gun or craft adhesive) to complete this project. Instructions: Paint the toy animals in the color of your choice, glue their feet to your chosen surface, let it dry, and you are done.

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Smartphone Projector:

*Warning* This is probably the most complicated gift on this list.

Materials: To create this gift, you are going to need a shoebox, wrapping paper, an x-acto knife, a pen, tape, putty, and a magnifying glass.

Instructions: You are first going to wrap the shoebox so that it looks nice (unless you already have a pretty looking shoebox) and then remove the handle from the magnifying glass. Trace the rim of the magnifying glass on the center of one side of the shoebox and cut it out with the x-acto knife. At that point, you must place the magnifying glass in the hole and fasten it with duct tape. You are now ready to put your phone inside and watch a movie with your friends.

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Movie Kit:

This is by far the simplest project on the list.

Materials: All you will need for this is a cute bucket or a popcorn holder and some of your friend’s favorite snacks and movie goodies.

Instructions: Compile the sweets into the bucket in an attractive fashion, tie on a bow, and that’s it. This project can be given as part of the gift above or by itself.

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Hot Chocolate Snowman:

Materials: The supplies needed for this project include hot chocolate mix, kosher marshmallows, mint candies, buttons, ribbon, felt, a hot glue gun, and three small glass jars. Instructions: Firstly, place each item into separate jars. Continue by closing the jars and hot gluing the bottoms of each jar to the lids of another, creating a snowman stacking effect. You can then decorate the jars by gluing buttons on them to make a face, creating a hat out of felt, and tying a ribbon around it.

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Body Scrub:

Materials: To create this exfoliating body scrub, you will need coconut oil, granulated sugar, a container, and some type of flavored oil or extract.

Instructions: Heat up 1/4 of a cup of coconut oil in the microwave until it liquefies, and then mix it with half of a cup of the granulated sugar. Lastly, stir in a few drops of your scented oil and place it in the container.

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Initial Mug:

Materials: For this gift, you are going to need a ceramic mug, oil based sharpies, scrapbook letters, and an oven.

Instructions: Place the scrapbook sticker onto the desired area of the mug and then make dots with the markers all around the area of the sticker. Once completed, peel off the scrapbook sticker and bake the mug in the oven for thirty minutes at 350°F. Let the mug cool, and you’re done.

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Materials: White yarn, a bucket, paint pens, and scrapbook letters will be needed for this kids gift.

Instructions: Take the white yarn and wrap it around your fingers many times (to create a thick pon-pom) and take another string of yarn and tie it around the width of the loops on your fingers in a tight knot. Pull the bundle of string off of your fingers, cut through all of the loops, a fluff it up with your fingers to create a fluffy pom-pom ball. Repeat this steps as many times as you would like. Once completed, place the pom-poms into a bucket that you can decorate any way you would like. You are now ready for your snowball fight.

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Homemade Chocolate:

Materials: For this delicious treat, you will need Hershey Kisses (or any other base chocolate); an added flavoring, such as peanut butter, peppermint extract, or caramel; an oven, a pot, an ice tray, and a freezer.

Instructions: First, use the oven to melt the chocolate base in the pot. Once it’s melted, add the new flavor and mix it in well. Then turn off the oven and transfer the new melted chocolate into an ice cube tray. Leave the chocolate in the freezer overnight, and when you take it out, it will be ready to eat.

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