Dionne Lockett

“In October my mother was put in hospice because she got cancer. We were told that she had two to six weeks to live. Now it’s been five months and she’s still living. One of the things I like to do most is enjoy life and find the good things in life. I am still able to maintain a positive outlook on life because I think of all the positive things that she has done for me. She really helped me become who I am today. I am also a very creative and artsy person. I love to dance, sing and act. My main passion has become helping people and teaching them good things. I want people to become the best they can. I have a youth performing arts group that I started in 1997 and this group includes people from lower communities. I started with a few kids who have already graduated and from there on the program has continued to grow. Every summer we go on tour and go to places that most people don’t have the opportunity to go to. We target kids that don’t have anything, whose moms are on crack, and whose dads are locked up. We do things by using performing arts to try to tell a story, and help them learn that there is a better life for them. Out of everybody that came through the group, I’ve only had one girl that kind of got off track. Everyone else has gone through college, is married, and is doing something successful. This one girl happened to get pregnant and have a little girl. My husband and I became the godfather and godmother of the little girl. Her mother would bring her to us every weekend. One weekend the mom didn’t pick her up. The little girl was seven months old at the time and is now three. From that day on, she became my daughter. It was very different because my husband and I weren’t expecting it, but it was beautiful and we love it.”
-Dionne Lockett, Music Teacher

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