Denise Benhamu

“In the summer of 2016, I moved from Caracas to Miami. After thinking about making this change for a really long time, it finally happened when Venezuela became too dangerous and my two grandparents passed away. My grandparents, although they constantly told us to go live in a safer place, were all that we didn’t want to leave behind. They were the only reason for us staying in Venezuela. But without them, there was no other excuse. When the move finally happened though, the fact that they were gone made everything so much harder for me. The first year here was extremely difficult. From having to meet new people, to get used to the American school system, I struggled a lot. Until I finally found the motivation to regain my strengths and be myself again. I remembered my grandparents had taught me to enjoy every second of every day, and that became my new approach to my new life in Miami. Realizing my grandparents would’ve wanted me to be happy, became the reason I did.”

– Denise Benhamu, 12th Grade

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