David Nagli

“In fifth grade, I realized that the world was changing day-by-day, and I saw that the future was leaning towards coding and computer programming. Throughout my middle school years, I began with simple games, but then, when I started ninth grade, I wanted to do something truly impactful with my newly acquired skill. By tenth grade, I created Securlio. This algorithmic code makes storing information on computers and the internet safer, and on almost a daily basis, I am still improving the software in every way I can. Currently, I am taking this big project and incorporating a commercial aspect to make it even better. Although I am focusing on Securlio, I decided to step away for a few months to begin coding a humanitarian algorithm. With a primary goal to help society, I am in the process of creating an app that uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to detect doors for blind people. When a blind person walks by a door, their phone would vibrate which lets them know where the door is, and that it is safe to proceed. I believe that AI is where we’re heading in the future, and I feel that with my talent, I have a responsibility to embetter the world through coding. Hopefully, one day the app is launched and becomes a huge help for those less fortunate, but for now, I’m simply working on becoming a better overall programmer to ensure that I will eventually give back to my community — and ultimately, the whole world.”

– David Nagli, 11th Grade Student

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