Danit Weitzman

“I’ve always had an inclination for artistic endeavours, and a few years ago, I was accepted into one of the country’s premiere magnet high schools for art and design (DASH). I knew that choosing this pathway would have opened a world of possibilities for an inventive career, and I was surrounded by multiple people encouraging me to develop my talents and take this unique opportunity. Yet, on the other hand, I would be leaving the school that had become my home since elementary; the school — which I considered my community — filled by students and teachers who help me grow as an individual. The school that offered me a balance in my education between Judaism and core classes. The school that gave me the opportunity to continue my pursuit of art through rigorous art classes and applications to various art competitions. Three years later, I look back and am confident that I made the right decision and I am thankful to have the privilege to share my story as a human of Hillel.”

–  Danit Weitzman, 11th Grade Student, Photography Editor for The Roar Post

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