Danit Weitzman and Jolie Fiske

“For the past two years, we have been volunteering with Achieve Miami on an almost weekly basis. This is an organization that helps expand the educational lives of children growing up in low income neighborhoods. Since our freshmen year, we have volunteered with this organization at Jessie J. McCrary Elementary, teaching students how to read and forming meaningful relationships with the children. This year, we both paired up with Achieve Miami for our Tenth Grade Projects.
Danit: By combining my passion of photography with this existing organization, I created a program: THIS IS US. I gathered a group of ten students aspiring to become photographers and with the use of disposable cameras, hosted and taught the students through photography workshops. The children then took the cameras home to photograph relevant aspects of their lives from their unique perspectives. These pictures will soon be developed and displayed at an exhibition where anyone will have access to view the talents of these brilliant students.
Jolie:  For my project, I helped organize two workout classes where all of the proceeds went to Jessie J. McCrary Elementary School. For two separate hours, I was able to bring my community together in a fun way to support this organization. I then took it a step further as I set up a book drive to collect novels of all sorts for the students, promoting further reading and learning. Not only was I able to help out, but I did it by bringing together friends and family in various fun events.
Both: Working with this organization has given us the opportunity to think about more than just ourselves. Pairing up with a little buddy has not only allowed us to better their lives, but our own lives have been enriched as well. We have learned incredible lessons and values throughout these new friendships; some of them we will probably hold on for the rest of our lives. ”

– Danit Weitzman and Jolie Fiske, 10th Grade Students

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