Daniel Saias

“I moved to Miami last summer from Venezuela, but the Venezuela I lived in was the closest thing to a bubble. We had our own JCC — Hebraica — where we would study, hang out, and play sports; it was our own little social club. This was a paradise compared to the country as we had all the food we could dream of and the best security possible. Then, outside the walls of Hebraica, we would see the most indescribable things on the streets, and everyday it would get worse. The Venezuela I was born in, was gone and now everything was in ruins as if we were in a scary movie, and scenes like starving dogs looking for food on the street was a regular occurrence. Coming from such a place, I understand how much of a paradise Miami — and the United States as a whole — really is. What we have here is the closest thing to a perfect society because everything seems to fall in line to what’s right. In America, corruption is limited, walking on the streets isn’t as dangerous, and we can step outside our JCC and still see a beautiful day. Although at times we may take it for granted, we truly are blessed to live in a city like Miami.”

–  Daniel Saias, 12th Grade Student

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