Daniel Fiske

“After my injury in our preseason football game, I was shocked, both physically and mentally. For me to tear my ACL again, only a year after my first ACL surgery, crushed me. But three days after I found out it was torn, I was back in the gym working out, hard. I want my team to stay strong and take advantage of the time they have playing football because for most of them, it is their last year at Hillel. I want them to do what I can’t do. It hurts me that I wont be able to play during my last year in Hillel, but it was great while it lasted. It was an experience that I wouldn’t give up for the world. I want my boys to know that it is not about how hard they can hit, it is about how hard you can get hit, get back up and keep going. I will always be on the sidelines, cheering them on and helping them with whatever they need. No matter the circumstance, I will always make sure to be a team player and be a part of the team. Once a Lion, always a Lion.”
-Daniel Fiske, Student (12th Grade)

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