Cyndi Shulman

“In addition to my teaching job here at Hillel, I am the co-founder and hold a seat on the board of Project Unite Humanity. Our mission as an organization is to build libraries in developing countries around the world. While we do engage in some other activities, our main focus is based around the idea of sharing resources. In the United States, we have such a large abundance of books that never end up being utilized. To make light of this, our goal is to spread these books around to people who don’t have the same opportunities and access to such assets — especially in the poorest of places. Along with with my co-founder, a fellow teacher, the doing of mitzvot has always been an imperative part of our experiences and we truly feel it is our duty to make the world a better place. Through the spreading of the libraries we build, children will have access to books, computers, and opportunities that would have never been available to them otherwise. I am eager for Project Unite Humanity’s next library project this June in Nepal, in which we will be taking two Hillel students along with us to continue doing Tikun Olam!”

– Cyndi Shulman, Upper School Social Studies Teacher

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