Covid Vaccine?

There are many debates about whether the Corona vaccine is safe or not. Many are itching to receive it while others refuse. There are two sides to the controversy: “pro-vaxxers” and “anti-vaxxers,” as they are referred to like most. Those that are pro-vaccination claim they are trusting of the medication and want this virus to be dealt with as soon as possible. Those that are anti-vaccine, don’t trust the medication and believe that there could be side effects that will affect them later on in life. Walking around school, I decided to talk to the sophomore students at Scheck Hillel to get their views on the vaccine and if they are in line to receive it. 

Those that agree with the need for vaccines have voiced their opinions and their reasoning behind it. Sophomore Jessica Kiblisky says, “Even though we don’t really know if there are any side effects along with the vaccines, there is a big possibility that it can stop the spread of the virus and allow our lives to go back to normal.” Moy Sutton and Zoe Alon both share similar views, as they both use counterpart words to explain their trust in the government, claiming that the government wouldn’t be handing them out if they did not think of every small detail in the making. Talya Shechter, another sophomore, is pro-vaccine, stating “I think that the vaccines are a great idea because they allow for people to have the opportunity to rewind and go back to their old lives.” Sophomore, Dalia Saba says, “I think that getting the vaccine and possibly getting small side effects is better than getting the virus and having to deal with its side effects.” Overall many that are pro-vaccine simply believe that since many have already received the vaccine, and there haven’t been known side effects it is safe to get it.

Even though many are pro-vaccine, some are against the entire idea. Carolina Benun said that she personally will not be receiving the vaccine because there is a chance that the side effects won’t be known until later. Many others agree with Carolina and argue that you can’t say “no one has gotten side effects” since it has only been out for a couple of months. Sophomore Andrea Berti is anti-vaccine. She says, “Many elders have other issues involving their health and it hasn’t been proved that the vaccine won’t backfire on them. There have also been rumors that the vaccine can have an effect on pregnancy. That being said, how would we know until it’s proven that the children that end up taking the vaccine, won’t have difficulties with pregnancy later on.” Another highlighted debate has also been revealed. All students that were interviewed, whether they are pro-vaccine or not, don’t believe that the vaccines should be mandated. An anonymous student has come out to say, “Not everyone has to get the vaccine. Think about it. Let’s say a handful of people get the vaccine, the number of Corona deaths will decrease. And so, only those that want to get it can, but I don’t think that anyone should ever be forced to get it.” This conversation started up when one student brought up how Israel is now requiring mandatory vaccinations in order for people to enter certain places. Whether they want to get the vaccine or not is irrelevant, but all the students interviewed came to an agreement that the vaccines shouldn’t be mandatory. 

Overall, the students in the sophomore class at Scheck Hillel Community School are split down the middle when arguing about whether or not they would get the vaccine. Those that vote yes for the vaccine just want life to go back to normal. Those that vote no for the vaccine want to watch up and read up on the side effects that could happen. All we can do is wait and see what happens. 

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