Covid-19 Policies and Guidelines at Scheck Hillel

The 2020-2021 school year at Scheck Hillel felt like a blur to most. Students were getting sent home left and right due to contact tracing, and more than half of the entire school’s population was sitting at home on zoom. Students felt as though they skipped an entire year of academics. Starting the new school year, Scheck Hillel created new COVID-19 policies and guidelines that have had a positive response from the students. Scheck Hillel prioritizes the health and safety of their students and has outlined the rules that must be enforced in order to keep all the students in the school safe, healthy, and with one another in physical form. The policies were guided by scientific indicators as well as proven strategies that focus on maintaining excellence in education. Scheck Hillel has voiced that as public health status changes, so will the guidelines at the school, if needed. We must all come together as a community to create trust and dedication for the students. 

Although not mandatory, vaccines are recommended. All students in grades Kindergarten to 12th have the mandatory requirement of wearing masks both indoors and outdoors on campus. Students in PK3-PK4 are recommended to wear their masks. Masks are enforced regardless of a student’s vaccination status. As of right now, there are strict guidelines regarding Covid-19 policy. The campus of Scheck Hillel is only open to students, faculty, staff, and essential personnel. For those that live with an individual that has tested positive for COVID-19, there is a required ten-day isolation period. Exposed students must also complete this quarantine period even if the positive individual does not attend Scheck Hillel. Even if a person is vaccinated, they may not have a reduced quarantine period. The siblings may return to campus if on the 7th day they receive a negative PCR test. Andrea Berti says, “I am so happy that this year we do not have to stay home for a full 14 days. If I test negative I am allowed to be back in school, learning in person, and hanging out with friends.” Despite the restrictions, activities have resumed with the appropriate protocols in place– assemblies, clubs, and athletics. Lunch for students in Kindergarten to 12th grade is served outdoors, weather permitting. Michelle Sutton says, “Coming into high school, we were given some days where we were able to eat lunch outside. Throughout all of the new guidelines put in place for our safety, I feel as though the lunch policy is better than it was before. We can enjoy the fresh air and sit together with everyone.” Many things that were done last year will not take place this year. There will no longer be conducted temperature checks when students arrive on campus. The campus will not have designated zones for students. Students that have been exposed to a positive individual will not have to quarantine for 14 days. Classwide quarantines will no longer be enforced. There will not be assigned lunch seating. Parents will not be receiving emails regarding positive and recovered cases. And lastly, parents do not have to fill out the daily well-check form every morning through TurnItIn. 

In continuation, Scheck Hillel has instilled trust in the parents, students, faculty, and staff to be responsible regarding COVID-19. All must stay home if they feel ill or know that they have been exposed to someone positive. Scheck Hillel has been doing their absolute best to ensure that students are still receiving their academics at the same time as the in-person Scheck Hillel student environment that we all love.

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