Color War 2020

Every year as March rolls around, students anticipate the breakout of Color War. During this annual event, students compete with one another in friendly athletic competitions, trivia, and the Amazing Race! The Amazing Race is a large relay race where the participants have to complete a task in order for a teammate to move onto the next. The first person to complete all of the tasks in the race wins. Unlike previous years, this year’s Color War took place over Purim. Many new and exciting events were held, such as a Purim themed fashion show! Color War festivities are joyful and lighthearted, and every student awaits this experience all year long.


Students piled into the lunch room, anxiously awaiting information on who the generals and captains would be for this year’s Color War. The room was silent until the moment Yishai picked up the microphone and began presenting the slideshow containing all essential information the students were waiting for. Yishai began announcing the captains and generals, and enthusiastically, the students selected approached the stage at the front of the cafeteria. The generals for the teams this year included Maeve Donaher and Joey Rimon (pink team), Stephanie Weisinger and Arie Berti (orange team), Galit Herman and Max Singer (yellow team), and Shira Sredni and Elliot Shiro (green team). For the seniors, having this position is special because it enables them to take a leadership role in the last Color War they get to experience at Hillel.


The days of color war are packed with fun-filled activities. The first day consisted of exciting games of Tug-of-War, as well as Kickball and Knockout tournaments. Students gathered both on the field and on the basketball court, cheering and playing for their team. The sportsmanship shown on the first day gave the event a phenomenal start. The day ended with the activity “Bucket Brigade”, an activity in which the teams are required to fill up a garbage can with water by using only small buckets and cups to fill it, which ended in a huge water fight. Students were engaged in the water fight, and even got some teachers involved! The first day was fun, but the second day was amazing. Students competed and earned points in sports games such as soccer, football, and basketball. The amazing race concluded the events that could earn teams points for this year’s Color War; the teams participated in exhilarating events such as toilet paper wrapping, word search race, and a snack eating competition. When the day’s activities concluded, students entered the cafeteria awaiting the final art and fashion presentations as well as the announcement where they’d discover which team was victorious. The art pieces created were original and unique, and the fashion pieces were tasteful and represented characters from the Purim story accurately. It was finally time to announce the winner of color war 2020 to be announced. The room became as quiet as it was when the teams were announced just a few days before. Yishai stepped onto the stage once again, clipboard and microphone in hand. 

“The winner of color war 2020 is… the orange team!” 

The orange team was ecstatic, and although the other teams were disappointed, they cheered on the winning team. Students began jumping and dancing around enjoying the last few moments of this year’s Color War. This year’s competition was a new experience for the freshman because they had never participated in the High School Color War before. Samuel Attias, class of 2023, was selected to be a captain of the pink team. 

“Being captain this year was lots of fun; from the water fight to the Amazing Race, everything was a blast. Color war in high school is more competitive and is more complex.” High school color war includes more activities than middle school color war does, and is over a two day period rather than one. 


“Color war is an amazing time because it is an opportunity to connect with the whole high school. Everyone can show their strengths, no one is stressed and it’s a time for everyone to work together. It’s not about winning or losing, it’s about the memories you make as the Hillel family,” says Maeve Donaher, Class of 2020. Regardless of how the competition ended, everyone was happy they were able to play together and share time with one another outside of a classroom setting. 

Color war this year was different than it has been in the past; it took place during the last week on campus due to Covid-19. For the seniors, some of their last memories of high school included the games that happened throughout Color War. Ending the year early was bittersweet for the high school, but everyone was thrilled that this year’s Color War could still take place before all the chaos began. There was no better way to end the on-campus 2020 year than with high school Color War. 

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