College Application Process

It’s that time of the year again where seniors are wrapping up each of their college applications. This process can be quite stressful, to say the least. Aside from the amount of deadlines that have to be met, students first need to consider where they might or might not see themselves for the next four years of their life. Do they want to be in a city? Do they want to have a big college campus around them? These are just two of countless questions that one must ask themselves before deciding where to apply. Lots of students will choose to apply through a system called Early Decision. The advantage of applying through this process is that you find out whether you got in or not earlier than if you would have applied through Regular Decision. However, if one gets into their ED school, they are legally bound to go there, and therefore have to rescind their other applications immediately. This is a big dilemma, as many students know that ED gives them a better shot at getting into that certain school, but they also do not want to shut down any other option right away. It’s also keen to mention that not every school offers the option of Early Decision. Others that don’t want to ED will simply choose to send most of their applications in the form of Early Action. This option also gives you your answer earlier, but not as early as ED. It is also not binding, which is why many people take EA into consideration. Lastly, students might just choose to apply Regular Decision. Usually, you will get your answer by April. For students who still need time to figure out where they want to be, this might be the best option for them. No matter which way you choose to apply, you must be organized and have everything needed to submit the proper application. This includes things like your Common App Essay and Supplemental Essays as well. The Common App Personal Statement is the essay that most colleges will ask for. Then, most colleges also ask for a supplemental essay or two, each a topic of its own. You must also have a good resume with all your achievements and extracurriculars included. This will tell the colleges that you are applying to everything that they need to know about you and your background. Most importantly one must stay focused and also think very carefully about where they want to go. Many do not realize, but this decision is life-changing. It’s always good to have many options, but it is also important to realize that you need to find somewhere where you know you will be happy. 

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