Coach Morgan

“Nobody in my family went to college; my younger brother barely graduated high school, and my older brother dropped out on his junior year. So, I was the first person of the Morgan family to go to college. At first, I didn’t really know what I was doing. I fell asleep during the ACT and showed up without any pencils or a calculator. I didn’t know we had to bring these things because nobody told me; nobody I knew did this. I ended up attending Barry University to play soccer, majoring in Physical Education and graduating from there with honors. After seven years, I went back to Barry to complete my masters degree in Sports Management, graduating in 2016. Growing up, I enjoyed playing all sorts of sports. In high school, I realized that I was pretty decent in soccer, but I didn’t think I was good enough, so I didn’t try out for the team in my freshman year. That year, I went to a winter soccer camp at my school, and some of the girls that were on the varsity team saw and encouraged me to try out for the team the coming year. I made the team in my sophomore year and started playing out as a defender. Then, in the last game of the season, against the highest ranking team in the country, my coach decides to put me as the goal-keeper. He ended up not letting me leave the goal, and thanks to him, I received my athletic scholarship for playing soccer, as the goal-keeper, in college. Right now, I am the head varsity girls soccer coach, I am the Physical Education department chair from early childhood through high school, and I teach high school Health and Personal Fitness.”

– Coach Elizabeth Morgan

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