Christina Guevara

“January 31st, 2017 will mark my three-year anniversary working at Hillel. My first week here was quite interesting, to say the least. It was an amazing experience; I felt so special and welcomed from my administrators, my co-workers and the students. Hillel has been the most amazing and wonderful place I’ve ever worked at. Just when I started getting the hang of things, I accidentally set off the fire alarm. When it happened, the whole school was standing outside in the parking lot trying to figure out whether or not we were in a routine fire drill or a dangerous situation. For sure, I thought my career at Hillel was over. Surprisingly, I still work here.
Today, I see Hillel as the one place where I can be myself. It is the place where I can be realized professionally, personally and spiritually. As a 35-year-old woman who has always dreamed of having and working with children, Hillel has proven to be the perfect fit for me. I get to be a professional, a friend, and a mother all at the same time. Hillel is truly an incredible place to be, with new and amazing things happening every day.”

-Christina Guevara, Upper School Secretary

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