Cecilia Grano De Oro

“As a first generation American, the whole college application and experience was relatively new to me and my family. In the Caribbean Islands — where my parents are originally from — college is a privilege, not an expectation; it is usually required for the child to come home and provide for the family after high school. But when I did get a chance to apply, I had no guidance counselor to guide me through the rigorous process. I ended up enrolling at the University of Miami, and after finishing my undergraduate studies, I worked on campus for a while. A couple months later, when searching for a new profession, I stumbled upon something I never heard of before, and that was, college counseling. Five years later, I arrived here at Hillel working as something I didn’t even know was a thing half-a-decade ago. The best part about the job is visualizing the process from the teeanager’s side because I realize all the hard work they put in, and it will eventually pay off. All the blood, sweat, and tears, put in collectively by the students and I are all worth it in the long run.”

– Cecilia Grano De Oro, High School College Counselor

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