Blood Drive

On Thursday, November 22nd, Hillel hosted a blood drive. In this event, students and faculty o volunteered to get their blood taken out and in return, the organization donated money to Kulanu. Kulanu is an organization created by Scheck Hillel to help students pay for their tuition and other financial needs. Last Monday, the twelfth-grade students had a beach clean up where they continued this chessed trend by hosting a blood drive on campus.


The purpose of the blood drives purpose was to get as many people as possible to donate blood. Each blood donation would be used in three different ways. The blood would be used for whole blood, platelets, and plasma. 


Platelets can be set up by utilizing an axis to isolate the platelet-rich plasma from gave entire blood. Platelets form a few distinct givers are then consolidated to make one transfusable unit. On the other hand, platelets can be acquired utilizing an apheresis machine that draws blood from the benefactor’s arm, isolates the blood into its parts, holds a portion of the platelets, and returns the rest of the blood to the giver. Utilizing this procedure, one giver can contribute around four to six-fold the number of platelets as a unit of platelets got from an entire blood gift. Platelets are put away at room temperature for as long as 5 days. They should get consistent delicate unsettling to keep them from clustering. Platelets are frequently utilized during disease treatment just as surgeries, for example, organ transplants, so as to treat a condition called thrombocytopenia, in which there is a deficiency of platelets. They are likewise used to treat platelet work variations from the norm. Since platelets must be utilized inside 5 days of the gift, there is a steady requirement for platelet contributors. 


Blood plasma serves a few significant capacities in our bodies, in spite of being about 92% water. (Plasma likewise contains 7% crucial proteins, for example, egg whites, gamma globulin and hostile to hemophilic factor, and 1% mineral salts, sugars, fats, hormones, and nutrients.) It causes us to keep up an acceptable pulse and volume and supplies basic proteins for blood thickening and resistance. It likewise conveys electrolytes, for example, sodium and potassium to our muscles and keeps up a legitimate pH (corrosive base) balance in the body, which is basic to cell function. Plasma is acquired by isolating the fluid bit of blood from the cells. Plasma is solidified inside 24 hours of being given so as to protect the important coagulating factors. It is then put away as long as one year, and defrosted when needed. Plasma is regularly transfused to injury, consume and stun patients, just as individuals with serious liver malady or numerous thickening variable insufficiencies. Now and again, patients need plasma subordinates. These are concentrates of explicit plasma proteins acquired through a procedure known as fractionation. The subsidiaries are treated with heat or potentially dissolvable cleanser to slaughter certain infections like those that reason HIV, hepatitis B, and hepatitis C.

Entire Blood is the least complex, most regular kind of blood gift. It’s additionally the most adaptable on the grounds that it very well may be transfused in its unique structure, or used to help numerous individuals when isolated into its particular segments of red cells, plasma, and platelets. An entire blood gift requires insignificant handling before it is fit to be transfused into a patient. If not required immediately, entire blood can be refrigerated for as long as 35 days, contingent upon the kind of anticoagulant utilized. Entire blood is utilized to treat patients who need every one of the parts of blood, for example, the individuals who have supported noteworthy blood misfortune because of injury or medical procedure. Entire blood can be given at any Red Cross blood drive or blood focus.

Additionally, this blood was given is likewise utilized for individuals who either lose blood in an injury mishap or need it for the dangerous disease.


OneBlood is the organization that comes to Hillel and supplies all of Florida’s hospitals with blood for patients in need. To be able to donate blood, one has to be 16+.

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