Betsy Hoff

“Although I haven’t been to Antarctica yet, I have traveled to six of the seven continents. I love traveling everywhere, but especially to Africa because I love the animals and safaris there. When I was 21, I was involved in a really bad car accident in which I was run over by a car while crossing the street. I spent about four months in the hospital and then another six weeks in a body cast. Later, I spent a year and half in crutches, and had four hip replacements over the years. I grew up as an only child, but about two and a half years ago I found my half sister and I now have a relationship with her and her children, a relationship I’ve never had before. It is really difficult to get close to somebody you don’t really know so well, but it is still nice to have a relative like her. I’ve also lived in a lot of places. I was born in Delaware, grew up in Brooklyn, lived in St. Louis, Maryland, Philadelphia, Brussels, Belgium, Las Vegas, and now in Florida. I consider my independency one of my biggest accomplishments. Given the things that have happened in my past, I am lucky that I have always been able to navigate things fairly well. I have had to make some big decisions, big moves, face a fair amount of challenges due to my accident, and I have been able to adapt to things very easily. That’s my biggest accomplishment: my adaptability.”

– Betsy Hoff, Social Studies Teacher

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